/ha-leɪ/ /ôrb/

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Support for Multiple Channels and Orbs

  • You can create and manage multiple channels and Orbs from one account.
  • Each channel can be shared to one or multiple Orbs.
  • People without an Orb can still be invited to a particular channel to view and upload photos using smart phones and desktop.
Case 1
  • One channel shared with one Orb
  • The Orb owner could be someone else far away after setup
Case 2
  • A second Orb B can be added to the account and now Chanel A can be shown on both Orb A and B
  • You and your parents can each have an Orb to see the same photos
Case 3
  • A second channel B is created and this is only shared with Orb B
  • You can have completely separate channels for your in-laws and your own parents, for example.

How to Register Orbs to an account

Registering the First Orb

TV screen

Orb Central (Web application)

By following the direction on the TV screen when you turn on the Orb and stick for the first time, you can create an account on Orb Central Web Services

A default channel will automatically be created.

Managing Which Channels are Shared with the Orb

First, turn on the new Orb/Stick pair and connect the new device to the Wi-Fi. It should display the 6 digit code on the TV in the same way as the first Orb.

Second, log into Orb Central with your existing account and go to the “Orb” section in the menu. Choose “Add Orb” and follow directions.

Managing Which Channels are Shared with the Orb

You may select which channels are shared with which Orb. By default ALL of your channels are shared with a newly added Orb.

You can toggle which channels are shared with which Orb, in several places within Orb Central
a) When you add a new Orb for the first time
b) The setting within the Orb section of the menu
c) The setting within each channel